Addicted: America’s Opioid Crisis

Lexi Elven created the animations and motion graphics for this tough and hard-hitting documentary on BBC THREE about America’s growing opioid crisis.

America’s love affair with opioids is devastating – every 25 minutes a baby is born suffering from opioid withdrawal and 130 people die every day from opioid overdoses. 8.7 million children nationwide have a parent who suffer from a substance use disorder. And 80% of heroin users started their path to addiction on prescription pain killers.

One of the companies accused of sparking the opioid epidemic was Purdue pharma – wholly owned by the philanthropic Sackler family – who have made billions off the sale of the drugs. But where were the medical regulators and government agencies that should have prevented this crisis?

This is a compelling insight into the growth of America’s devastating relationship with opioids that has destroyed millions of lives